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Archer Property Management takes a “hands on “approach in overseeing and understanding a building. The Agent will walk the site, examining the building’s infrastructure, supervising the on-site staff. Overseeing work in progress by outside contractors and inspecting the property with Board members to point out problems around the site.

Employees will be evaluated and encouraged to strive for top performance. Weekly Meetings with the Superintendent and management will be required. More frequent reporting will take place as may be necessary.

The Agent will walk the property weekly. These inspections usually last for as long as it takes to encompass every facet of the building’s interior and exterior. During the initial “take over” stage they will spend time on-site observing the building and the staff’s schedule and work habits. From these inspections job descriptions and schedules for the staff and a detailed report on the physical condition of the property and its major systems will be generated. This becomes the basis for our developing operating goals with Board of Directors or Managers.

Monthly Billings

Archer Management’s staff takes pride in their ability to accurately and timely process maintenance / Common charge statements on a monthly basis. The option of hand delivery or if preferred mailed, will occur during the fourth week of the month. All statements will reflect itemized maintenance/ common charges, assessments, parking, star credits, and late fees if needed.

Representation and / or Negotiation

We will assist your consul in all matters of litigation, contract and taxes. We will prepare and provide copies of relevant documentation from our files and be present for testimony or conferences as required, consistent with our duties as managing agent and in an effort to improve the quality of life for Owner/Shareholders.

Distribution of Owner Correspondence

We pride ourselves on having a staff which is first rate. Our staff is trained to respond to your needs. All “back office” functions are important part of the management package. Record keeping, filing, copying, postage, processing of Sale/Sublet packages, and coordinating interview with perspective purchasers Copying projects (e.g. copying and the distribution of annual financials statements for all unit owners). Correspondence will be distributed in timely and accurate manner to the shareholder/owners, lawyers, accountants, etc

Archer Property Management's “hands on “approach make them the right choice for your property management needs.