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The Team

William J. Archer – President

William is President of Archer Property Management. His background covers over twenty years experience in various aspects of the real estate business: Code Enforcement Officer, Assistant Building Inspector, Property Management and Asset Management. He is committed to a hands-on approach to managing building operations, and is sensitive to the diverse needs of his clients.

Aileen DeMaria – Property Manager

Since 2001 – Present
Aileen has more than 11 years experience in the field of property management.
Her experience combined with attention to detail offer owners/shareholders alike her expertise on the day to day operations of your building. Aileen works closely with Boards, Contractors, Engineers, Building Staff, and Attorneys; she makes weekly building inspections from roof to basement. Her hands on approach and dedication offer her clients exceptional service.

William Archer, Jr. “Billy” Property Manager

Since 2002– Present
Billy has worked for Archer Management for the past six years while attending High School and College, in the capacity of Office Assistant, Assistant Property Manager, and in June 2007 promoted to a Property Manager. He has experienced every nuance of a Co-op / Condo field. He is hands on and a tireless project oriented individual with excellent people skills.

Ann Peper – Office Manager

Since 1992 – Present
Ann has 20 years of experience in the property management field. Her direct contact with Shareholders/Owners has proved her vast knowledge and expertise in providing any and all information needed by clients and office staff. Ann’s various functions include: generating monthly maintenance, common charges, and rental statements. Her in depth Knowledge of the Star Credit has been a valuable source to Shareholders, accountants, and Assessors. She is hands on, and sensitive to the needs of the Board of Directors and Shareholders alike.

Elizabeth Rafalski – Full Charge Bookkeeper

Since 1997 - Present
Elizabeth has more than 20 years experience in the property management field.
She has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the company. Elizabeth works closely with the Board of Directors in preparing preliminary budgets. She prepares payroll and payroll taxes, reconciles bank statements, and prepares monthly reports for the Board of Directors/Managers. She is also in charge of verifying invoices, entering invoices in the proper general ledger accounts, and payment to the Vendors.

Katherine Jankowski – Administrative Assistant

Since 2004 - Present
Katherine has worked as an office assistant through her High School and College breaks. In July of 2006 she became a full time employee. Her eight years of experience working for Archer Management has proved her proficient in processing
Sale, sublet packages, questionnaires, monthly arrears reports and arrears notices. She handles all mailing of maintenance/common charge statements, financials, and tax information. Her outstanding customer client skills have been complimented on many occasions.

Elysa Peper – Administrative Assistant

Since 2010 – Present
Elysa has starting working for Archer Property Management on a part time basis, Her excellent customer service skills along with her organizational skills has been a valuable asset. She is hands on with Vendors for the purpose of obtaining proposals for the Managing Agents, sets up appointments, and trouble shoots all questionable invoices.


The key to the excellent reputation that Archer Property Management is achieved by the Office Staff’s experience, efficiency, and it’s high energy level. Working hand-in-hand with the expertise of the firm’s Property Managers to ensure top-notch service is provided to each and every client.